Sand & Blood

by Lily Lung

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released March 7, 2017

lily lung - guitar, vocals, keys
andrey kalder - keys, arrangement
denish richter - mixing and mastering



all rights reserved


Lily Lung Saint Petersburg, Russia

singer-songwriter curently based in St. Petersburg, Russia, fond of minor harmonies, cassette sound and lo-fi attitude

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Track Name: Lana
Oh, Lana, have you seen the clock? It’s time to sleep ourselves off. Wouldn’t it be lovely, wouldn't it be sweet to rest our weary feet. And your dress is so fine, the color of the morning sky. You’ll go to your room and I'll miss the chance to look into your eyes.
Lana, Lana, Lana. Oh, Lana, do you hate it all? Even more than i do. I'm desperately longing to get my hooks in you not to let me be down-and-out. Oh, please let me see
something of my vanished world. I wish I could tag along, but my bed won't let me go.
Track Name: Torn
You make it look okay, when it rips your heart apart. The fewer words i say, easier to blame. You won’t believe me but i think there is no time for us to define what we are, sometimes safe choice is not the best one, but you seem to have made up your mind. You can die a thousand times, each time you’re back I’ll be by your side. You can get back to what you know, I’ll be around as long as you are torn. You made me miss a thing that was always here. You made it up to me, keeping yourself near.
Track Name: Time will wear you down
One day you’ll have to bury my body. I shall no longer burn, but don’t you mourn, cause grief will wear you down. I've never thought, never thought it's the end, oh my, oh my. When sun blushes the sky for the last time, I’ll be lying half asleep. Have you ever tried to let go, as trees let leaves go in Fall, cause time will wear you down.
Track Name: Eyes turned red
If I lose touch with my mind, will you be the last, who’s gonna say goodbye? Your eyes have turned red, and I've been where you are for a long long time. If you care, I'll help to find your house. It took so long to let go of the dreams we had before. If I lose sight of you, will you meet me where we have agreed. It took so long to let go, and the dreams we had before have turned to dust.
Track Name: Garden
Once I was wandering away, I got lost in the years you’ve been around straying in vain, through these lanes, that pull me under. Like chains, lines on a dusty window. I had my garden, blossomed vividly and I kept it so no one could see. Once I thought I heard your steps, I came to open the door, but no one was there. How come I feel your shadow on my shoulder no matter where you are. Your eyes are still sad when you look into mine. Sky above my garden was heavy and gray, but I kept it from the chilly wind.
Track Name: Sand & Blood
I cut the sand with my hand, i want it to get under my nails. Right hand’s wrapped in warmth like its twin when the bottle-glass cuts through my skin. I raise my hand watching the river flow, I raise my hand waiting the drops to fall. Sand & blood, sand & blood are my breadcrumb trace. When you say “so long”, watch out for the breadcrumbs that you throw. Sand & blood. The time has come to head back home and be alone for some more time. Heat never lets go, so i went back to hide and cast a glance at the trace i left behind. I raise my hand trying to get a car, but there isn’t anything so far.
Track Name: Love is like coming home
Love is like coming home after a long long trip with all the worries behind. Don't send me letters, i don't want them to chase me around and get crumbled and wet in my pocket while I’m caught in a rain.
Oh, I don’t wanna hear what you have to say, I want to hold you tight. Love is like coming home after a long long walk. I'll put my head down, you whisper in my ear.
Track Name: Water
If you dip your head down in the water, water, you will realize that the quieter it gets the more you can hear.
Your mind will go down this road again and it will always be a blind lane. You'll forget this careless life, so you say goodbye and follow me back in time. Wash your weary eyes with the water, water. Does this hit you or you can, you can just pass by?
Track Name: Running low
Oh, It was a long time ago when i found myself running low, on the verge of demise. Oh, what should i do, to get back there soon, soon? Just reach out and hit you up and wait. What if i run out of dough, will you help me third time in a row? Oh, there was a game we used to play, when you come so close, and then get back out of reach again. Oh, thanks, my health is fine, but my heart is dying. Just like a shadow in the corner of your eye, I sigh. If you pass by an abyss, just let yourself die.